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Using a non-abrasive technology, the chemical and ultrasound washer automatically washes moulds and mould equipment. The original features of washed objects are not damaged by washing.


Dragon is a system used to pre-heat the conveyor belt. It has been studied to reduce faults in items due to temperature difference. Dragon pre-heats the conveyor belt in a more effective way than traditional methods and significantly improves safety conditions for operators.

The innovative Sting-Air blowing system is born from the need to reduce risks for operators using compressed air nozzles by the I.S. machines to form glass items. The removal of compressed air pressure inside the hose when not in use significantly increases the safety standards for operators.

Ercolino is an equipment used to safely and easily remove and unblock machine parts (mould holders, mechanisms, etc.), minimizing the risks for the operator.

Snake 180

Snake 180 is a hoist with an articulating arm to be installed by the I.S. machines, ideal for the change of items on the blow side and for any other use requesting compactness, strength and great lifting power.


Firefly is the new led viewer to be used for the visual inspection of items in the cold end phase. Compared to traditional neon viewers, led light guarantees energy saving and a reduced environmental impact.

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